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A Sip of Revolution

Disrupting the coffee industry one bean at a time....

Image by Blake Verdoorn

The Best Coffee in
the Community

When we learned what the roles of specialty third wave coffee shops play in gentrification in historically under-resourced communities such as  ours, we knew that we would have to be intentional with our approach of 404 Grounds located within The Ke’nekt Cooperative.

Historically there has been a direct correlation between increased property taxes with the arrival of a coffee shop, murals and bike lanes.

The Ke’nekt Cooperative has all 3 of the above mentioned.

In the spirit of solidarity economics (where the community has their needs met in a way that does not exploit the community or harm the community ), we decided that we will take a portion of our proceeds each quarter and redistribute back into our community

Connecting Coffee, Community & Cutlure

This is How We
Do Community

Collaboration over competition is when Rahel, Founder of

Grant Park Coffeehouse shared her extensive knowledge, training and support of 404 Grounds. 

Our amazing Baristas are an amazing group of youth hired

directly from our community and the AUC by way of Spelman.

 We are proud to be practicing equitable & competitive living wages for staff.

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